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Maximize Your Sales with a Google Ads Agency

Take control of your acquisition costs while generating qualified traffic to your site and boosting your sales. Entrust your PPC campaigns to a Google Ads Specialist like Crezeal and propel the growth of your business.

How do we achieve targeted traffic and immediate results?

For businesses with ambitious growth targets, a profitable Google Ads campaign is often a top priority. Our team of experts can put an advertising plan together to suit your objectives and budget. We ensure your ads appear when people search on Google for what you offer.

As a leading Google advertising expert, we excel in:
• Precision Keyword Selection: Identifying high-performing keywords that resonate with your target audience and drive quality traffic to your website. . 
• Targeted Ad Placement: Strategically adjusting the settings to maximize the visibility of your ads, ensuring they appear in front of the right audience, at the right time, and in the right place.  
• Enhanced Click-Through Rates: Employing innovative techniques to increase user engagement and encourage more clicks on your ads, ultimately driving more traffic to your website.
• Continuous Ad Optimization: Implementing data-driven strategies to enhance the performance of your ads, ensuring they are always at their best and delivering optimal results.
• Cost-Effective Campaign Management: Leveraging our expertise to minimize your advertising costs while maximizing your returns, ensuring you get the most value from your ad spend.
Our expert team researches the right keywords and creates attractive ads. We target the right audience at the right time, ensuring maximum results. We track costs closely and provide consistent value for your money.

We focus on delivering performance and driving success for your business. With us, you get the best Google Ads services.
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Why Use a Google Ads Management Service?

of companies use Google Ads for their PPC.
of users can’t distinguish between paid search ads and organic search results.
of clicks in Google search results go to the top 3 paid ads.

Don't you think these opportunities are vital for your business?

With Crezeal Google Ads experts at your side, you can tap into a massive pool of potential customers. We will craft highly targeted campaigns tailored to your specific goals, ensuring that every money you invest in advertising yields maximum returns. From keyword research to ad copywriting and performance monitoring, we handle every aspect of your Google Ads strategy with precision and care. Partner with us today and take your online presence to new heights.

Ads Campaigns That Deliver Instant Results

So, you’re ready to get started with pay-per-click marketing, but how do you maximize your ROI without burning through your budget? What keywords should you target, and how do you convert your traffic into leads?

Working with our Google ads experts helps you put all these questions to rest. Crezeal is an award-winning PPC management agency based in India with a unique ad approach.

From the moment you partner with us, we’ll begin our keyword audit, helping you position your ad before relevant traffic and getting a way in against the competition. Then, we’ll help you craft outstanding ad copy and a landing page optimized for conversions. Finally, we’ll run your ad, looking at Google Analytics to form data-driven insights and recommendations for ongoing optimization.

You’ll never be left to figure out your paid media strategy alone. Our experts are industry leaders in PPC, helping you create a holistic digital marketing strategy that really gets results.

Ready to work with the best? Partner with Crezeal now and discover what makes us India’s leading digital marketing agency.
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Our Full-Funnel Approach to Ads

It’s no secret that Google ads work through keywords. Our acute knowledge and experience of this is a huge advantage to our ad agency.

Our proficiency in keyword research and analysis enables us to identify Google Ads opportunities that go unnoticed by others. Our PPC geeks are exceptional at identifying openings in the KW data to target your Google ads campaign where it will yield the greatest benefit. Then, we supplement your paid traffic strategies with exceptional SEO to provide a comprehensive digital marketing approach that produces industry-beating outcomes.
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Industry-Beating Instant Results

The number one benefit of Google Ads? Instant results.

No need to wait on a long-term lead gen strategy, no need to create endless reams of content. With Google Ads by Crezeal, we’ll start driving traffic to your webpage immediately, and you’ll see an increase in traffic from the word go.

We help businesses of all sizes drive incredible results through Google ads. We break down a campaign into key objectives, working to increase your customer base, rapidly scale traffic and optimize for conversions.
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Google Ads Campaign Auditing

Already have existing Google Ads campaigns that aren’t converting? We’ll provide you with a deep analysis of your Google Ads campaign’s performance and look at improvements that can be made to give that performance a much-needed boost.
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Improved ROI / ROAS

We constantly review, tweak and optimize campaigns to achieve the best results for your advertising spend ROI / ROAS. To scale accounts and marketing spend it’s imperative to identify and nurture the best performing campaigns.
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Digital marketing services for every channel

And we really mean every channel. Not sure where to start? We can advise on which combination of channels will work best for your business, and you’re always free to switch channels in and out depending on your changing business needs.

01. Keyword Research & Strategy

- SEO audit
- Target Audience
- Search intent

02. Technical SEO

- Sitemap
- Website Canonicalization
- Crawlability and Indexing

03. On-Page SEO

- Title Tag Optimization
- Content Optimization
- Internal Linking

04. Off-Page SEO

- Link Building
- Content Promotion
- Online PR

05. Link Building

- Identify Link Opportunities
- Guest Blogging
- Resource Link Building

06. Content Planning

- Content Gap Analysis
- Define Target Audience and Personas
- Content Calendar

07. Conversion Rate Optimization

- Conversion Goals
- Analyze User Behavior
- Personalization and Targeting

What do our Google Ads management services include?

We deliver a better return on your marketing spend

Our fully managed PPC services mean that you can leave your accounts entirely in our safe hands. We make growth and scale our challenge. We take care of the creation of campaigns, competitor research, keyword research, ad copy, interest-based targeting and the implementation of accurate tracking. Our focus is on delivering effective advertising strategies that drive growth and maximize returns on investment.
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Being a Google Ads management company, we boast a team of proficient PPC consultants with extensive experience, ensuring improved outcomes. Moreover, our passionate designers and content writers create impactful ads and dynamic landing pages for your PPC campaigns. With our expertise and creativity, we aim to enhance the effectiveness of your advertising efforts and drive better results for your business.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Our team consistently analyzes conversion rates and identifies areas for improvement, ensuring that your ad budget is invested wisely in phrases that yield better returns. This enables us to maintain innovation in your ad campaign, staying ahead of competitors and maximizing the effectiveness of the advertising efforts.


With our steadfast team and established expertise across diverse internet marketing domains, we offer a reliable backbone for your advertising endeavors. Count on us to ensure smooth operations, allowing you to navigate your campaign confidently while we drive consistent and optimal results for your business.

Get your business in front of the right people with Google Ads

Our Google Ads Agency brings immediate traffic and provides various ways to enhance existing SEO methods. Analyzing keywords, business models, and market sectors helps you develop a comprehensive online marketing strategy supported by facts, not assumptions. We boost your online presence with effective Google ads and well-informed SEO plans.
  • Ad Campaign Set Up

    Our PPC services provide impressive Ad campaign setup using PPC advertising to boost online sales. Our expert setup ensures maximum impact and drives sales growth on the internet.   

  • Increased Paid Traffic

    Acquire the latest and top Pay-per-click (PPC) Service for your business, ensuring immediate growth in paid traffic to your website. We ensure your website receives heightened visibility, attracting more visitors swiftly and effectively.   

  • Landing Page Creation

    A powerful PPC campaign requires a well-crafted digital landing page that generates more leads. We deliver a highly effective landing page tailored to complement your campaign, guaranteeing maximum success and 100% satisfaction.   

  • Report Management

    Our Google ads services include comprehensive report management, where we analyze the current market status and implement proven strategies for successful outcomes. We assess the market situation and apply effective methods to achieve positive results for your business through our Google ads services. 

  • Creating The Ad Copies

    Effective ad copies improve ad performance and help Google understand the relevance of keywords. Nowadays, crafting ad copy is essential to attract potential customers. We create compelling ad copies that enhance your ads’ performance and increase your chances of reaching potential customers effectively.  

  • Better Leads & Sales

    Our Google ads services offer proven strategies to attract more customer leads and increase sales effortlessly. Rely on our valuable methods to generate more leads and achieve higher sales numbers for your business seamlessly. 

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How do we help businesses to achieve optimal growth?

Our committed team understands how to craft effective Google advertising strategies tailored to your business requirements. We can design precisely targeted campaigns that are both budget-friendly and highly lucrative, ensuring maximum profitability.
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  • Research Complexities

    We’ll thoroughly analyze and research your business objectives, considering factors like profit margins, target audience, and customer lifetime value. This analysis includes understanding the intricacies involved in achieving your goals.  

  • Comprehensive Analysis

    We provide strong support in managing Google Ads by analyzing your competition deeply. Your business’s past data is crucial to us. We consider this data to discover valuable trends that fit your business perfectly.  

  • Competitive Research

    We’ll understand your business, industry, and competitors to apply the best strategies. We utilize top-notch software, research techniques, and digital advertising methods to enhance your Google Ad campaigns.  

  • Constant Testing

    We test your ads using A/B testing to discover the most effective ones that drive high click-through and conversion rates. We guarantee that your PPC campaigns are optimized correctly according to your business requirements.  

  • Build Ad Campaigns

    Utilizing our research and analysis, we design powerful PPC campaigns for your business. Our Google Ads experts can develop a comprehensive PPC strategy to ensure optimal results. With the right campaigns, you can achieve your business objectives effectively. 

Frequently asked questions

Our Google Ads help companies from diverse industries to reach their goals and boost their growth.
  • What are Google Ads, and how do they work for businesses?

    Google Ads is an online advertising platform that allows businesses to display ads on Google’s search results and partner websites. It works on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, where advertisers bid on keywords to display their ads to users searching for related products or services. 

  • How can Google Ads benefit your business?

    Google Ads can benefit your business by increasing visibility, driving targeted traffic to your website, generating leads, and boosting sales. It offers precise targeting options, measurable results, and the ability to adjust campaigns in real-time based on performance. 

  • How do you choose the right keywords for your Google Ads campaigns?

    Selecting the right keywords involves understanding your target audience, conducting keyword research, analyzing competition, and choosing relevant and specific keywords that align with your business offerings. 

  • How much does it cost to advertise on Google Ads?

    The cost of advertising on Google Ads varies based on factors such as keyword competitiveness, industry, ad quality, and bidding strategy. You can set your budget and bidding strategy according to your business goals and financial capabilities. 

  • How do you measure the success of your Google Ads campaigns?

    Google Ads provides various metrics to measure campaign performance, including click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost per conversion, return on ad spend (ROAS), and more. You can use these metrics to track the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimize them for better results. 

  • Do you need a website to run Google Ads campaigns?

    While having a website is beneficial for directing traffic and converting leads, it’s not always necessary to run Google Ads campaigns. Depending on your goals, you can also drive traffic to other online assets such as landing pages, apps, or phone numbers. 

  • How long does it take to see results from Google Ads?

    The time to see results from Google Ads varies depending on factors such as campaign setup, budget, competition, and industry. While some businesses may see immediate results, others may require ongoing optimization and testing to achieve their desired outcomes.