How we accomplished an incredible feat: a 5700% boost in Amazon orders – Case study

Digital Marketing for Online Adult Diaper in Amazon 

Experience the journey of Trust Adult Diapers, the exclusive Amazon seller of adult diapers. Previously challenged by minimal sales, with just 10-30 orders per month, they approached Crezeal for Amazon Ads strategies, management, and social media engagement. Trust Adult Diapers emerged as a success story, with sales skyrocketing to a remarkable order within a month, all with a high return on investment (ROI). The flourishing voyage continues as we nurture a trusted online community through organic social media promotions. 

The Trust Adult Diapers Story 

Trust Adult Diapers, the exclusive seller of adult diapers on Amazon, set out to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape. As their sole sales channel, Amazon was the platform they relied on for growth. However, they faced the challenge of minimal sales. Recognizing the need for transformation, they partnered with Crezeal for a game-changing journey. 

The Challenge & The Goals 

The Challenge: Trust Adult Diapers grappled with consistently low sales, averaging just 10-30 orders per month on Amazon.  

The Goals: Their primary goal was to unlock the full potential of their Amazon presence by revamping product listings, optimizing Amazon Ads, and fostering a vibrant, trusted online community through organic social media promotions. 


Energizing the Transformation  

The journey began with a comprehensive gap analysis, rigorous market study, and in-depth competitor research. It was a deep dive into the intricacies of their niche, revealing untapped potential for growth. Critical issues were identified, from suboptimal product titles, descriptions, and size details to keywords that needed strategic placement for maximum visibility. Trust Adult Diapers incorporated these insights with enthusiasm, and a dynamic optimization process commenced. 

Strategic Bid Rate Adjustments  

The transformation didn’t stop at listings. Amazon Ads received a refreshing update. Trust Adult Diapers optimized their LDR and TBD for ads, ensuring every amount spent contributed to meaningful results. Bid rates were adjusted for maximum impact, aligning their investment with their goals. The stage was set for growth. 

The Skyrocketing Sales     

Meticulous optimizations and strategic adjustments resulted in a seismic shift for Trust Adult Diapers. Within a single month, they generated an astounding 580 orders, all while maintaining a high return on investment (ROI). The transformation was evident not only in the numbers but also in the palpable excitement and positivity surrounding Trust Adult Diapers. 

Continuing the Flourishing Journey  

The story continues. Trust Adult Diapers is not just about sales; it’s about building a community of trust. The journey persists with organic social media promotions, creating a vibrant community of loyal customers and advocates. This community is the foundation for long-term success, and Trust Adult Diapers is well on its way to becoming a trusted household name. 


The journey of Trust Adult Diapers showcases the incredible potential of a data-driven approach and a passionate approach to transformation. They partnered with Crezeal and began an energetic journey, moving from low sales to thriving growth with a remarkable ROI. Trust Adult Diapers is not just selling adult diapers; they are building a trusted community that continues to flourish. 

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