Achieving a remarkable 10x ROI through digital transformation at sabeetha constructions – crezeal’s case study 

Home & Industrial Construction Company 

This case study highlights the incredible digital transformation journey of Sabeetha Constructions, a leading construction company in Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu with over 20 years of experience and a track record of 200+ successful projects. Their partnership with Crezeal over the last six months resulted in an astonishing 10x increase in ROI, further solidifying their position as a dominant force in the industry. 

Sabeetha Constructions, with a rich history spanning over two decades and more than 200 successful projects, embarked on a journey to revamp their digital presence. Their vision included not only expanding their horizons but also establishing a robust digital presence. Their partnership with Crezeal marked the beginning of a transformative journey. 

Challenges and Goals  

Ambitious Growth: Sabeetha Constructions aimed to achieve substantial sales growth and expand their digital footprint while building on their esteemed reputation. 

Digital Transformation: With a 20+ year history of expertise in the construction industry, they embraced digital transformation with a strong vision.

Strategy and Execution 

Website Transformation: Over the last six months, Crezeal initiated a complete website transformation, not merely as an update but as a profound change. The new website’s design simplified user interactions, providing a better user experience and building trust.  

Lead Generation Strategy: In this short span, a strategic lead generation strategy was implemented, utilizing the powers of Google and Facebook. These platforms became powerful lead generation sources, ushering in a wave of potential customers.  

SMM Growth: Crezeal’s Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategies capitalized on the ever-expanding reach of social platforms. In just 6 months, the social media accounts reached 98,674 people organically, engaging a vast audience with Sabeetha Constructions’ offerings. 


Key Milestones and Achievements 

Website Transformation: The website redesign led to an improved user experience, ultimately boosting trust. In just six months, Sabeetha Constructions’ website garnered an impressive 2.19k organic impressions, indicating an ever-increasing interest from potential clients. 

Client Feedback 

“Our partnership with Crezeal has been nothing short of spectacular. The website redesign, lead generation, and social media strategies have had a transformative impact on our business, propelling us to unprecedented success.” – Deva, Sabeetha Constructions 


Sabeetha Constructions’ journey to digital transformation is a testament to the boundless opportunities presented by the digital age. Their partnership with Crezeal, encompassing website redesign, lead generation, and captivating SMM, resulted in a remarkable 10x ROI, further solidifying their position as a leading construction company in Tamil Nadu. 

Results and Key Takeaways 

Sabeetha Constructions’ website redesign, lead generation, and SMM campaigns led to a phenomenal 10x ROI. 

The case of Sabeetha Constructions underlines the extraordinary potential of a well-executed digital marketing strategy for businesses that embrace innovation. 

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